Portable Mini-Material tester
Model: FSA-MSL-xx

Standard Features
EL electro luminescent display is highly visible in dark locations
Multi-langauge program menus: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese
Force Units: lbf, kgf, N (selectable)
Displacement Units: inch, mm (selectable)
Color-coded LED indicators and output signal for Go/No Go force testing
USB (virtual COM port), RS-232C, Digimatic and Analog outputs
Internal Ni-MH batteries or AC adapter
Overload alarm and output signal
Tester includes Force Recorder Pro software, cable, full set of attachments, AC adapter/charger, and calibration cert traceable to NIST.
The FSA-MSL Mini Material Tester is a portable force/displacment tester. The FSA-MSL is ideal for tests requiring very small movement, like switch tests. The tester also features a reversible base plate, allowing the tester to be used on uneven or obstructed surfaces. The highly visible EL display and plain language menus in eight languages make programming fast and easy. Both force and displacement values are displayed plus user-selectable data; high/low setpoints, peak, memory data, etc.

Auto Start Displacement
The auto start displacement feature enables users to quickly apply a certain force and read displacement or stop at a certain displacement and read the force value. The manual control knob moves the gauge 18mm per turn for precise control during tests.

Force Recorder Professional Included
Use the included Force Recorder software to capture both force and displacement data and create force vs. displacement profile graphs. Data can be captured to a pc at up to 2,000 data points per second. Data acquisition can also be accomplished in the field. The tester can output directly to a USB flash drive in CSV format at 100 data/second. Peak data can be saved to gauge memory and exported to USB flash drives.

Whats Included?
All Models are sold as a complete system. System includes, test stand, force gauge, plastic carrying case, a set of six measuring attachments and AC adapter/charger. The gauge includes a 3-Point Certificate traceable to NIST. ISO Certificates are available at an additional charge.

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