COF Testers

Coefficient of Friction (COF) Tester

MH2-4 (4 lbf capacity)
MH2-11 (11 lbf capacity)

Standard Features

  • Complete with data acquisition software
  • 200 g or 1 kg sled weights
  • Wide speed range 10~305 mm/min
  • Stroke: 9″ (230mm)
  • Work table accommodates samples 4.7″ wide x 10″ long
  • lbf (ozf), kgf (gf), and N units are selectable
  • Easy-to-use program dial and menu screens control mode, speed and timer
  • USB, RS-232C and Analog outputs
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The tester includes Force Recorder Standard (COF Version) Software. This versatile USB software automatically calculates static COF and average kinetic COF with a 2,000 data per second sampling rate. The software also automatically graphs test results, for quick creation of COF profile curves. Several sleds are available, please inquire for more information.



The coefficient of friction (COF) tester is designed to measure the static and kinetic coefficients of friction of plastic film, sheeting and similar materials. The COF tester measures the coefficient of friction of a test sample, by pulling a weighted sled across a test sample and measuring the force. The COF tester includes a motorized test stand, digital force gauge, weighted COF sled and COF table. The COF tester features a wide speed range of 10~305 mm/min and long stroke of 230 mm, allowing it to conform with a wide range of COF test standards

  • Automatically calculate static COF and average kinetic COF
  • Automatic start and stop triggers
  • Zoom into individual data points at 0.5 mS
  • Capture 2,000 data/sec for extremely smooth profile graphs
  • Overlay multiple graphs
  • Control gauge operation



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