Food Testers

FRTS Food Texture Analyzer/Tester

FRTS Capacity: 1 lbf, 11 lbf, 22 lbf

Standard Features

  • FRTS measures the texture of food and non-food products
  • Touch screen operation programs force, displacement, speed and triggers
  • Speed: 0.1mm – 10.0mm/sec
  • USB output to flash drives or computer
  • Easy to clean stainless steel
  • USB cable, 50mm and 100mm shafts, disk, conical, sphere and wedge probes, and Force Recorder software included
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The FRTS food texture analyzer/tester can apply a specific force limit, move a specific displacement relative to the table or move a specific distance from the point of contact. Perform one or two cycles. Up to six custom configurations can be saved to the favorites. A variety of probes and Force Recorder Professional (FRTS Version) software are included.

Force Data Analysis Tools

Test data can be saved to USB flash drives or output to a computer for analysis by Force Recorder software. Force Recorder captures 1000 data/second, plots a force vs. displacement graph and calculates hardness, viscosity, cohesiveness, adhesiveness, springiness, gumminess, fracturability and chewiness.



The FRTS food texture analyzer/tester features touch screen programming and automatically tests food and non-food samples. Select from a list of foods or food standards. Use programmable mode to customize force, speed and displacement parameters and save as favorite. The analyzer also operates in manual mode.

FRTS Specifications

Model FRTS-1 FRTS-11 FRTS-22
Capacity 5.000N 50.00N 100.0N
Accuracy Force: ±0.2%F.S, ±1digit; Displacement: 0.1mm, ±1digit
Units (selectable) Force: N / kgf (g) / lbf (ozf) Displacement: mm / inch
Indication Force 4-digit; Displacement 0.001mm (minimum resolution)
Sample height 70mm (*1)
Table travel distance Max.100mm
Speed 0.1 to 10.0mm/sec
Functions Food/Standard(*2), Programmable mode, Manual mode,
Save 6 favorite measuring conditions ,
Start-trigger function, Overload prevention (*3)
Output USB USB flash drive
Operating environment Temperature: 0° – 40° Celsius, Humidity: 20 – 80 %RH
Weight Body: 7.7kg; Controller: 0.8kg
Dimensions 185 x 300 x 400 mm (body)
Voltage AC100V; 5 20mm glass time-lag fuse (125V 3A)

*1 Maximum distance from the table surface to where an attachment is mounte
*2 A PC is required to comply with some standards
*3 Overload is not preventable in all cases

FRTS Food Texture Tester/Analyzer Dimensions



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