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FSA-1KE Material Tester

Integrated Force & Displacement Testers

The FSA-1KE Force/Displacement Tester is a complete test system which can be configured for a wide array of applications requiring both force and displacement measurement. These integrated test systems combine the capabilities of EMX series test stands with FA sensor and ZTA series gauges. The FSA-1KE series features a high speed distance meter. In conjunction with the force gauge, the distance meter can output up to 2,000 data per second.

Operation Modes

The FSA-1KE features 3 operating modes: Manual mode, Jog mode and Cycle mode. Manual mode allows manual control of the carriage at a set speed. Jog mode allows the user to use the program dial to move the gauge approximately .01mm per click of the dial. Cycle mode allows users to easily set up programmable tests. Save up to 5 test configurations in the memory of the test stand.

Numerous Programming Options

The tester features a number of different configurable test parameters. Set up to 5 independent speeds per test cycle. Other configurable settings include: force values (high/low setpoints), distance limit, dwell time and number of cycles.

Force and Distance Control Operation

The FSA-1KE also has Conditional Overload Prevention. Users can program the test stand to move until a certain force value is reached. For more information see the force control tab below.

The tester allows for Distance Control utilizing the new touch sensing feature. This is ideal for spring tests, elongation tests or any tests requiring a sample to be put under tension or compression to a specified distance.

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Ranges (select one)
Model FSA-1KE-xx
Max. Capacity 275 lbf
18 ozf FSA-1KE-1
4.4 lbf FSA-1KE-4
11 lbf FSA-1KE-11
44 lbf FSA-1KE-44
110 lbf FSA-1KE-110
–275 lbf FSA-1KE-275

FSA-1KE Standard Features

  • Ultra rigid, 0.25 mm deflection at maximum load
  • Selectable Manual, Increment, Single Cycle, Continuous Cycle and Force Control
  • Easy-to-program menus control speed, cycles, pause duration, high/low setpoints, time, auto start displacement, etc.
  • Highly visible EL electro luminescent display
  • Color-coded LED indicators and output signal for Go/No Go testing
  • Processes and transmits 2,000 data/sec.
  • USB, RS-232C, Digimatic, Analog outputs
  • Force Units: lbf, kgf, N (selectable)
    Displacement Units: inch, mm (selectable)
  • 1,000 data memory for recall or download
  • Store up to 5 test configurations
  • Tester includes Force-Recorder Pro software, cable, full set of standard attachments, AC adapter/charger, and calibration cert traceable to NIST.


Model FSA-1KE
Max. Capacity 275 lbf
Stroke 12.4in (315mm)
Speed .01 – 23.5 in/min
Accuracy Force: ±0.2% F.S. ±1 digit; Displacement: ±0.1mm ±1 digit (under no load)
Dial Increment .01mm per click
Output USB, Serial (RS232C), Analog (Approx. ±2V), Comparator, Overload
Functions Travel limit, Overload protection, Force control, Emergency stop

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